In the current climate of uncertainty and diminishing returns across most asset classes, investors and asset managers can no longer afford to ignore the scale of opportunities that exist in the currency market.

Unlike traditional hedge funds, our focus is on the largest and most liquid market in the world — the currency market.

With over 7 trillion dollars in daily trading volume and access to top-tier Prime liquidity, we are tapping into the one place where the opportunities clearly outweigh those in traditional asset classes, be it fixed income, real estate, equities, or even alternative investments.


In the current low-yield environment, the traditional 60/40 asset allocation is expected to generate lower returns over the next decade in comparison to the performance of the past.

These are truly unprecedented times, yet in the midst of all this turbulence, there are opportunities just as unprecedented.


It is a commonly held misconception among fund managers and investors alike that the high volatility of the currency market creates additional risk.


While the currency market is highly volatile, volatility is not necessarily a risk marker, especially when managed appropriately.


However, despite the vast volume and deep liquidity of currency markets, returns have been shackled by conflicts of interest.


The rampant losses resulting from these conflicts have pushed the currency trading vertical into a higher risk basket than, for instance, equities or fixed income.

The problem is not the risk management models. Those work everywhere else. The problem is not the way the markets are traded. The real problem is how those trades are cleared. The problem is the BROKER.


If there was a way to address this broker-induced leakage of performance, the long-term impact of such a move could be so profound, that an entire generation of fund managers will sit up and take notice, lest they choose to be left behind.


We have a unique approach to currency trading. It is one driven by machine intelligence, speed of order execution, and ability to scale. All this is possible only because we have removed the retail broker in the middle and have gone directly to the top-tier prime liquidity centers and non-bank liquidity providers for clearing of trades.

The sheer speed advantage we’ve created with this approach, combined with our algos, not to mention our proven risk management strategies, puts miles between us and others in the industry.

This is what equips us with the ability to achieve our single aim of redefining R.O.I.


So if you’re a family office, an asset manager, or a professional investor, take a moment to learn more about our current investment program and explore the opportunity to grow your wealth in these challenging times.


Focus on Performance

In an environment of increasing uncertainty and fiscal challenges, our primary mission is Redefining R.O.I.™ by providing double-digit growth consistently.

Focus on Speed

There are a plethora of profit opportunities in the currency market. We designed our algorithms to capitalise on these opportunities with rapid precision. Speed is at the core of everything we do.

World Class Liquidity

Liquidity is a vital component of Redefining R.O.I.™ at scale. Our relationships with some of the premier financial institutions ensure we have access to ample liquidity for exponential growth.

Desk To Exchange Control

We occupy the driver's seat for every aspect of trade execution. No broker lies in the middle to manipulate our platform. From our trade desk, all the way to the exchange, we control the order flow.


At PWE Capital, we assess markets from a vantage point far removed from the traditional Financial News landscape. Our analysis remains unaffected by consensus. Neither do we criticise for the sake of criticism. Our goal is to observe the fundamental and geopolitical workings of the market and raise questions that deserve to be answered.

In doing so, we hope to provide extra value to asset managers and HNW professional investors who are growing tired of conflicting interests and questionable narratives.

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