A Leader Not a Follower


To be THE wealth brand known for generating consistently high return on investment for its clients, partners and shareholders.

We will achieve our vision through the power of EXCELLENCE in how we REACH our target clients, how we DELIVER outstanding trade performance and how we MANAGE risk, growth and execution



From the moment the idea was conceived in Lukasz Wyszynski, Co-Founder’s head, to him bringing along Manas D. Kumaar, Co-Founder & Group CEO to where we are today – it has been a journey of immense transformation, every step of the way.

Dec, 2020 to March, 2021

Like every startup, we began by doing everything ourselves. This bootstrapping approach is visible in the very first iteration of our corporate identity — represented by a simple circle surrounding our company name.

This logo helped us secure the initial seed capital needed to set the stage for our launch into the stratosphere.

PWE Capital old logo
We continued searching for a signal amid the noise. The above design was the first concept developed after onboarding a talented brand strategist.
Elliot Waves

These waves instantly left an impression on us. After all, this fractal pattern is everywhere in the charts across all markets. This design was it. We knew we had found our mark.

PWE Capital Logo Light
The first line represents the market – moving up and down, as it does continually. The line which breaks above the downtrend represents our Algo — direction agnostic, defying the norm and rising upward.

Finally, after a few iterations, here is our new logo. The square symbolises our emphasis on risk management, while the breakout line reminds us always to “think outside the box”.

PWE Capital Logo


Yes, we trademarked it!

PWE Capital Icon

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