How they say, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”


International cross-border payments is where this journey started

Lukasz Wyszynski, Co-Founder and Director of Compliance, advised clients (as their International Solicitor) on various matters related to cross-border trades, corporate structures, and the typical issues with banking and FX settlements. His clients were frequently frustrated by the ever-shifting currency markets. Even the slightest rate differential resulted in millions of dollars in the “FX loss” column of their P&L statements each month.


That’s when Lukasz had an Archimedes moment.


That flash vision was only just the beginning. Lukasz further identified the growing need from his clients to earn a better return on the currency reserves they were holding while waiting for trades to clear. This realization led to a second question:

What if there was a way to predict the best time for an FX settlement to take place that would be in the clients’ favour? What if every cross-border settlement was an FX-gain transaction?

To deliver this ambitious concept, Lukasz needed to ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ That stone was the currency market. He knew he needed to enlist an exceptional individual to bring his vision to fruition.

Lukasz was then introduced to Manas D. Kumaar, now our Group CEO, through a common friend as a “guy who knows the currency market inside out twice over.” The phone call happened, and his mind was blown away. Manas WAS the missing link.

Manas brought to the fore all the reasons, the technicalities, the back-office issues that created those FX challenges in the first place.

Manas had had enough of this dog-eat-dog world of FX trading, but Lukasz knew that if he was to deliver on his vision, Manas had to be there.


Lukasz knew that solving this problem meant removing the middleman that some consider the root of the problem as far as currency market returns are concerned. And who better to take the broker out than someone who’s been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, and even sold it. Manas agreed.

The weeks and months that followed saw Manas dramatically exceed all expectations in terms of delivering R.O.I.™ for investors. It was nothing like Lukasz had ever seen before.


Not only was Lukasz stunned, everyone else he showed the results to all had the same look of sheer astonishment on their faces. They were in complete shock and awe. How were such results even possible? Could this really be? Currency trading algos performing at blitz speed, attacking and obliterating the market regardless of trend, momentum, or direction, all while making money 86% to 94% of the time. WOW!

That’s when we knew we were onto something BIG!


The Right Structure & Process

We had a BIG idea. We had a BIG tech advantage. We now needed someone to come along and give structure and help us deliver outcomes with the best-in-class compliance program. It was during a phone call while Manas was hiking in the far North of New Zealand that Lukasz mentioned Benjamin.


15 minutes into the call, it was almost in unison that both Manas and Lukasz uttered the same words – “you know what, I really feel Ben’s the ONE… let’s propose something to him” – and so Benjamin Wrench became part of our Board as a Non-Executive Director.


Benjamin… what a privilege. Former advisor to the European Parliament, 20 year veteran in the Fund Management space (from a legal and compliance perspective), a strategist as much as he is a tactician, Benjamin is the third pillar around which we can now complete the circle.

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