Years of collective experience within our Executive Team

With most asset classes delivering
sub-optimal returns, the very meaning of “return on investment” needs a paradigm ___shift.


Manas Kumar


“Think macro, execute micro” – Manas

Manas D. Kumaar, Group CEO

Manas is a highly skilled and experienced algorithmic trader. With more than 15 years in the banking tech and capital markets industry, Manas has developed and deployed hundreds of profitable trading algorithms for various markets and asset classes. The algorithms used by PWE are developed by Manas and are deployed under his control and management.


Manas’ grasp over financial markets and geopolitics is exceptional in every sense of the word. It is this strong command of “what’s happening” that gives Manas the edge in bringing his human intuition and knowledge to the precision of machine-based trading.

In addition to that, having served in CEO roles at significant international businesses, Manas also brings a plethora of skills in enterprise scalability. He’s a rare blend of “techy” and business savvy.

Lukasz Wyszynski


“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down”

– Harvey S.

Lukasz Wyszynski, Director of Compliance

Lukasz is a qualified and practicing Australian Solicitor, specialising in international trade and corporate structures. A well travelled professional, Lukasz brings exceptional strategic vision and tactical thinking to our team.


His proven ability to pull together a team and resolute approach to making a powerful vision come to life is proven by the strength of the team he has assembled so far.


While Lukasz may appear to be the “quiet” one in our team, make no mistake, his grasp of international law, corporate structures and everything PWE needs to succeed, is second to none.

In his quest for solutions to customer problems, Lukasz also developed an intelligent cross-border trade platform focusing on the commodities market in Australia.

Benjamin Wrench


The main thing is to make sure that the main thing is always the main thing

– Harvard Business School

Benjamin Wrench, Non-Executive Director

Following his qualification as an English Barrister, Benjamin Wrench advised in respect of the Sumitomo copper trading scandal in 1996. This led him to accept a position as an in-house lawyer at a commodity derivatives clearing broker in the City of London, where he gained extensive experience of hedge funds which cleared their trades with the firm.
For over twenty years Benjamin has advised on offshore investment funds and financial services regulation, during which time he has advised many Boards of Directors on their fiduciary and regulatory responsibilities. His admission in 2009 as an attorney in the Cayman Islands (the world’s premier jurisdiction for hedge funds) further enhanced his involvement with investment managers, their strategies and the markets they operate in.

Whilst working for the European Parliament he wrote an influential pamphlet in 2015 on “Risk and Reward” – detailing how and why certain EU financial services legislation resulted in misallocation of capital.

Sean Lee


“Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.”

– John Maynard Keynes

Sean Lee, Director, of ASEAN

Sean has spent more that 25 years in the financial services industry covering capital markets, wealth management and financial planning/ advisory. He is directly responsible for the development and expansion of our footprint in the ASEAN region..


A serial entrepreneur, Sean has also held top management positions in public listed companies across Europe and Asia.

Besides featuring as a regular columnist across Financial Media in the ASEAN region, Sean is also a qualified Financial Planner.


The present is all there is.

– Alan Watts


Saran Connolly, Marketing & Communications Manager

Saran began trading at age 14 after taking a stock market night course. He has been involved in finance ever since. Saran studied Commerce at University College Cork, majoring in economics and minoring in finance. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Asset Management at University College Cork, followed by a Computer Science course from Harvard.


Saran went on to work in financial news media, writing the daily newsletters for JP Morgan Chase and BlackRock. It was then that he began studying machine learning and neural networks. Saran applied his knowledge of artificial intelligence to design algorithms for trading the currency market. After becoming immersed in data analytics, he was headhunted by Apple to work as a data analyst. He left Apple in 2018 to found Zenstra Bio-Health, where he continues to sit on the Board as a Non-Executive Director, now bringing immense depth and experience to the PWE Team, with all of these significant engagements behind him.

In 2016, he conducted analysis detailing why Apple’s tax strategy would largely remain unaffected by the European Commission ruling at the time. In a management capacity, he has coordinated an international business, managing a team of PhD scientists, overseeing four offices across three continents.

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